Owner`s manual

Page -4
First complete the electrical
connections, and then check
them for correctness.
This unit can be installed in any
dashboard having an opening
as shown on the picture. The
dashboard should be 4.75 –
5.56 mm thick in order to be
able to support the unit.
1. Insert mounting collar into the dashboard, and bend the mounting tabs out with a screwdriver.
Make sure that lock lever
is flush with the mounting collar (not projecting outward).
2. Secure the rear of the unit.
After fixing mounting bolt and power connector, fix the rear of the unit to the car body by rubber
3. Insert trim plate.
When you prepare to insert trim plate, please check its direction. Once it was up side down, it cannot
be fixed.
Remove Trim Ring and insert Release Keys into left and right side-end holes as shown in below
picture and pull the unit out of the dashboard.
Lock lever(※)