Owner`s manual

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Wiring Connections
Make sure you have good chassis ground. A good ground connection will eliminate most electrical
noise problems. A good chassis ground requires a tight connection to the vehicle’s metal chassis.
The area around the ground connection should be clean, bare metal without rust, paint, plastic, dust,
or dirt for a good electrical connection.
**TV Antenna is for PTID-3200T only.
Caution: Do not interchange the
connection of the wiring!!!
For some car models you may need
to modify wiring of the supplied
power cord. Contact your authorized
car dealer before installing this unit.
Using the ISO Connector
1. If your car is equipped with the
ISO connector, then connect the
ISO connectors as illustrated.
2. For connections without the ISO
connectors, check the wiring in the
vehicle carefully before connecting,
incorrect connection may cause
serious damage to this unit.
3. Cut the connector, connect the
colored leads of the power cord to
the car battery as shown in the color code table below for speaker and power cable connections.
Location Function
Connector A Connector B
1 Rear Right(+)---Purple
2 Rear Right(-)---Purple/Black Stripe
3 Front Right(+)---Grey
4 Battery 12V (+)/yellow Front Right(-)---Grey/Black Stripe
5 Auto Antenna/blue Front Left(+)---White
6 Front Left((-)---White/Black Stripe
7 ACC+/red Rear Left(+)---Green
8 Ground/black Rear Left(-)---Green/Black Stripe