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Precision Pak
Precision Pak extended surface bag filters are
designed for use in most commercial or industrial
HVAC systems where medium to high efficiency fil-
tration is required. Precision Pak filters are available
in two media types: lofted fiberglass and micro-fine
synthetic media with average efficiency ranges of
55%, 65%, 85%, and 95% per ASHRAE Standard
52.1 test methods. Offered MERV 10-15 according
to ASHRAE Std. 52.2. Operating face velocities up
to 625 fpm are available for all models. Precision
Pak filters in depths up to 22" are suited for variable
air volume systems. Filters with greater depth are
not recommended.
Precision Pak filters are UL 900 Class 2 listed as a
standard and are also available in UL Class I in both
synthetic and glass media.
Installation Considerations
Precision Pak bag filters may be installed in
Flanders Astr Frames, K-Trac Filter Framing
Modules, Sureseal Side Access Housings, or in
similar existing hardware.
Astr Frames are riveted together to form a bank
and may be installed for upstream or downstream
service. K-Trac Filter Framing Modules are
especially suitable for medium to large built-up filter
banks. Smaller systems and systems with minimum
upstream access space are best served using
Sureseal Side Access Housings.
Physical Data
Media: Lofted fiberglass or micro-fine synthetic
Media Backer: Non-woven polyester
Pocket Sealant: Thermoplastic resin
Pocket Retainer: Corrosion-resistant steel
Header: 13/16" wide corrosion-resistant steel
Operating Limits: 100% RH and 180° F
Actual Header Face Size: Nominal size less
5/8" (e.g., a nominal 24" x 24" filter header is
actually 23-3/8" x 23-3/8")
Important Features
Low initial pressure drop provides longer life.
Stitched pockets provide aerodynamics for
optimal inflation.
Wide range of cartridge depths, efficiencies
and operating capacities are available.
Edges have an over lock stitch.
Available in lofted fiberglass or synthetic
100% stake-through pocket retainers.
UL 900 Class 1 or 2 available.
MERV 10-15.
Spun Glass or Synthetic Media Bag Filters
Bulletin PB1100-0606

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