PrecisionCell II extended surface minipleat filters
now offer the end user high efficiency filtration per-
formance in minimal media pack depths of 4 inch-
es deep in 60-65% (MERV 11), 80-85% (MERV
13), and 90-95% (MERV 14-15), and are available
in a corrosion resistant metal frame (M) for box
style or optional metal frame with a single 13/16"
header (MSH).
Due to the rigid minipleat technology in combina-
tion with the metal frame design, PrecisionCell II's
are the ideal choice for use in existing and new
installations where space is limited or where
upgrading filter efficiency levels are required in
existing units. Variable air volume systems, turbu-
lent airflow, or high humidity applications where
conventional filters fail, are good choices for
upgrading to PrecisionCell II's in metal frame con-
PrecisionCell II 4 inch deep in M and MSH designs
are designed to be operated at 500 FPM. Both M
and MSH Model PrecisionCell II's are offered in all
standard sizes. Special sizes are not available.
All PrecisionCell II models utilize state of the art
minipleat technology which uses media separators
made from thermoplastic glue beads to allow preci-
sion spacing between the moisture-resistant
microfine fiberglass media. The adjacent polymer
bead separators cure into durable, hard strips sep-
arating the media folds thereby creating a rigid
pack assembly which maintains excellent pleat
spacing continuity over the life of the filter.
Both PrecisionCell II metal-framed models are
bonded and sealed into a corrosion-resistant, metal
frame with an expanded metal face grille on the
downstream side to prevent media pack oscillation
or blowout. Both metal framed models are the ideal
choice where HVAC Systems pull in 100% humid
outside air such as Hospitals.
Important Features
• High Efficiency Filtration in minimal, space-saving
• This unique shallow-depth pack compacts up to 2
times the media area found in conventional 12
inch deep filters.
• 3-to-1 ratio in shipping, storage, handling and dis-
posal costs over conventional 12" deep cells
• Excellent choice for upgrading older systems at a
fraction of the cost.
PrecisionCell II M and MSH
Extended Surface Mini Pleat Filters
in "C" Channel Metal Frame
Extended Surface Mini Pleat Filters
in Metal Frame with Single 13/16" Header
Bulletin PB1006-1106
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