Instructions for Use

Now that you are familiar with the charger, its features, and general precautions of what not to do and some of what to do, we should get started
charging your first battery. Just a reminder...set some time aside so you DON’T have to walk away and STOP THE CHARGER, MID
CHARGE since you should never leave the charger unattended while charging. Finally, confirm the battery chemistry type, capacity, voltage and
cell count of the battery you will charge and ensure all connector plugs are compatible. Here are the basics of what you will be doing.
1. Plug the charger into a properly grounded AC wall plug or DC power source.
2. Plug the battery into the charger and place the battery on/in a non-flammable surface/container and away from any flammable objects.
3. Follow the appropriate charge instructions for your battery configuration.
4. Unplug the battery from the charger when the charge is complete.
5. Remove charger from wall plug when not in use.
a. NOTE: Only use batteries with labels that are legible and clearly state the capacity, cell count (or voltage), and chemistry type as
either NiCd or NiMH.
WARNING: The Radient Origin charger has the capability of charging both NiCd and NiMH (NiXX) batteries which utilize nearly identical charging
modes. Be sure to properly identify the battery chemistry, voltage and capacity of every pack before attempting to charge it to ensure the correct
settings. Some LiPo battery packs are designed to look like NiXX battery packs. One indication of a LiPo battery is the presence of a balance plug
either exiting the battery with small wires and small plug on the end or a small female plug embedded into the end of the battery pack. If you are
unsure of the battery type you are attempting to charge; please consult your local hobby dealer for assistance.
Avoid charging on or around flammable items.
Never attempt to charge a swollen or damaged battery.
Never leave the battery unattended while charging.
Never operate the charger without adult supervision.
Never charge a warm battery, always allow the battery to cool to room temperature before charging.
Never drop the charger or battery.
Inspect the battery and charger before use. Never charge a battery or operate a charger if the wire or connector has been damaged or if the
battery has experienced a short circuit.
Incorrect use of the battery, connections, or charging equipment can cause personal injury or property damage.
Never allow batteries or charger to come in contact with moisture at any time; avoid environments with high humidity.
Disconnect input power and battery immediately if the battery, connector, or charger becomes hot or changes form during use.
Warning: The charger can reach temperatures up to 170 degrees Farenheit. Avoid prolonged contact to
avoid burns and handle the charger with care during a charge and immediately after.
The Radient Origin charger supports charging of NiXX batteries with a delta peak value of 8mV and available charge current range from 0.5, 1-4
Amps for 1-8 cell (1.2V-9.6V) series configurations.
NOTE: Your charger is equipped with a safety shut-off timer set to 120min. Charging of batteries with capacity higher than 5000mAh
may require a greater charge time and thus require more than one charge cycle to achieve full charge. It is always recommended to
allow your battery to cool to room temperature before charging either the first or second time.
Safe Start:
To help avoid charging a lower capacity battery pack at a higher charge currnet that may have been used on a previously charged battery.
the Origin charger will reset the charge current to 0.5A every time the battery is disconnected or an error occurs during the charging process
(indicated by rapid flashing RED status LED).
To charge a NiXX battery in Safe Peak charge mode, perform the following steps:
WARNING: Ensure your battery is truly a NiCD or NiMH battery. Some LiPo battery packs are designed to
look like NiXX battery packs. If you are unsure of the battery type you are attempting to charge; please con-
sult your local hobby dealer for assistance.
1. Connect the main charging leads to your battery.
a. NOTE: it is critical that the battery always be connected with the correct polarity, Negative (-) = Black, and Positive (+) = Red. Only
connect like color and symbol together, any other form of connection may cause fire or explosion.
2. Select the appropriate charge current for your battery by pressing the button repeatedly until the desired charge current is indicated by the
flashing RED LED. For 1A, the LED will flash 1 time, then pause and repeat the signal. For 2A, the LED will flash 2 times quickly, then pause
and repeat the signal. The pattern continues through 4A at which time another button press will cycle around to 1A again.