Instructions for Use

Simple • Capable • Safe
3. The following table illustrates the charge current options and the associated flashes and pauses
used by the LED to communicate the setting.
a. WARNING: Selecting the appropriate charge current is critical to the safe charging
of your batteries. To achieve the safest operating conditions and longest life from
your batteries it is recommended to charge your batteries at no more than 1C. See
the Index at the back of this manual for charge rate calculations.
i. Note: Although you may select charge currents up to 4A, the maximum final
charge current may be reduced as needed to keep the charger operating within
safe limits. Typically this occurs when charging a 8 cell NiXX at 4A.
01). Exp: A 8 cell NiMH may start to charge at 4A but as the voltage of the
battery increases the charge current will reduce in 0.1A increments
to approximately 3A.
ii. Utilizing this method of charge current control enables the charger to always try to charge your battery as close as possible
to the setting you specify, while keeping the system within safe operating limits.
4. Press the Amps/Start button and hold until the ‘Status’ LED turns solid RED (Approximately 3 seconds) to start the charging cycle.
a. NOTE: If the LED begins to flash RED or if the charger is unresponsive to your input, see the troubleshooting guide at the back of this
5. Near the end of charge completion the LED will flash GREEN, indicating the charger has entered Delta-Peak (dV) mode.
6. When the charge is complete, the LED will glow solid GREEN. The LED will glow solid GREEN until the battery or AC power is disconnected.
a. NOTE: If the charger encounters an error throughout the start or charging process, the ‘Status’ LED will flash RED. See the trouble
shooting guide at the back of this manual for possible solutions.
7. Pressing the Start/Stop button at any time while charing will STOP the charge cycle. The previously set charge rate will remain set until the
battery is disconnected.
WARNING: This charger contains a built in AC to DC converter which can store electrical power for a short time
after disconnection from the AC input power source. Always unplug the charger from both input power and output
charging leads before performing any cleaning or maintenance to prevent electric shock. It is advisable to wait at
least 1 minute before starting your cleaning or maintenance.
Always use clean, dry cloth or soft bristle brush to clean your equipment.
Never use chemical cleansers to avoid damage to the sensitive electronics and plastics.
Before every use, inspect the input and output power cords and plugs and discontinue use if there are any signs of damage.
Contact your local hobby dealer or Radient RC Customer Support for assistance with repair needs.
NOTE: Continued use of a damaged battery or charger will void the warranty and could cause personal injury and property damage.
Periodically use compressed air to blow out dust that has been trapped inside the charger to help prevent excessive heat due to dust build
WARNING: Always wear eye protection when using compressed air to clean your charger.
NOTE: Ensure the charger is disconnected form input power and any battery before performing any care or cleaning procedures.