Instructions for Use

The Origin charger has a recessed area on top to allow for stacking another Origin charger on top or for storing your battery when not
charging or in use.
NOTE: It is not recommended to use your charger with a battery or other charger stored on top as this will increase the temperature
of the charger or battery. Charging a battery stored on top of the charger will cause the battery to reach higher temperatures during
the charge, thus reducing the accuracy of the peak detection and reducing the cycle life of your battery.
Warning: Never “kink” (or bend sharply) any electrical wires. Doing so may damage the internal electrical wire even if the outside
appears undamaged.
Never store the charger (or your batteries) in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
Since every battery and manufacturer is different, refer to the storage instructions from your battery manufacturer for proper information.
Your product and the various batteries it is intended to be used with are considered electronic waste and should never be discarded in
standard garbage containers. Please visit your local hobby dealer and use the FREE battery disposal center for proper disposal/recycling of
batteries. Consult your local city waste disposal center for information on disposal of electronics other than batteries.
Please do your part to protect our environment.
RDNA0007 ..................ALLIGATOR CLIPS, LARGE, BULLET CONNECTION ....................................................................................................................
Problem / Symptom Possible Cause Possible Solution
Status LED is flashing RED
Battery voltage too low Battery may be dead and in need of replacement
Battery voltage too high
Battery voltage could already indicate a full charge,
attempt to use your battery then charge again
Input voltage is too low Check for stable input power with proper voltage
Reverse polarity
Check battery connection and ensure red wires are
connected to red wires and black wires are connected
to black wires
Status LED is flashing Red/Green
The charger has over-heated and reduced the
charge current to minimum. Your battery will
continue to charge but at a very slow rate until
the internal temperature of the charger is back
down into operational limits
Stop charging, unplug your charger from all con-
nections and blow compressed air through the side
vents to remove dust. See the ‘General Care and
Maintenance” section of this manual.
Remove charger from direct sun light or area of high
ambient temperature and allow to cool
Direct a cooling fan onto the charger
The charger is unresponsive to
The button is not being depressed for long
enough time
Ensure you are pressing down the button for at least
3 seconds
There is a connection problem Check input and output connections
The charger resets charge current
to 0.5A automatically
This is a built in safety feature and is executed
after a battery is disconnected or an error is
Reset the charge current to your desired value based
on what is determined as a safe charging rate by the
battery manufacturer
The charger is unresponsive to
any input
The input power is unstable
Check input power connections and appropriate volt-
ages are present