PA-1 1
Ramsey Electronics Model No. PA1
Works with any radio; mobile, fixed or handheld
8 to 10 times the power gain: 10 watts out for every 1 watts in, 20 watts
out for every 2 watts in, 30 watts out for every 3 watts in!
Easy connection to a radio
Operates on 12 - 14 volts DC, draws a maximum of 5 amps
Just add a T-R relay, case, Pre-amp if desired and connectors
Informative manual answers questions on theory, hookup and uses -
enhances resale value, too!
Maximum output of 35 - 40 watts, max drive of 8 watts
Mounts in any small aluminum case, which then will act as a heatsink
Yes, this is the amplifier that’s been reviewed in all the Ham magazines!
Clear, concise assembly instructions carefully guide you to a finished
kit that works FIRST time!
Give your handheld a big boost with this economical power
amplifier kit. Thousands have built and enjoyed this kit; one
magazine review even said, “probably the best bargain in Ham

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