User's Guide

1. Right speaker Produce sound.
2. Novo button hole Press the Novo button to open the Novo Button menu. From the
menu, you can choose to open the UEFI/BIOS setup utility, the Boot
menu, or the Windows startup options screen.
3. Power light
• On: The computer is turned on.
• Off: The computer is turned off or in hibernation mode.
• Blinking: The computer is in sleep mode.
4. Power button Press the button to turn on the computer or put the computer into
sleep mode.
5. microSD card slot Insert a microSD card into the slot for data transfer or storage.
6. USB (3.2 Gen 1) Type-A connector Connect to a USB-compatible device, such as a USB keyboard, a
USB mouse, a USB storage device, or a USB printer.
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