Thank you for welcoming the
beauty of nature into your home
with precision-crafted windows
and doors from ReliaBilt. One of
America’s best selling brands of
windows, ReliaBilt understands
your desire for easy care, energy
efficient windows and doors.
That’s why we control every facet
of the manufacturing process.
A Commitment to Excellence Since 1948
From extrusion to fabrication, we set
a higher standard from start to finish.
It’s the only way to assure you of
outstanding craftsmanship that will
be worry free for years to come.
An Ounce of Prevention
Protecting the frames of your windows and
doors is just as important as cleaning the glass.
Following are simple suggestions that enable
you to protect the life and extend the beauty of
your windows and patio doors.
• Vacuum soil and debris from the sill or
track prior to washing.
• Use a mixture of mild dish soap and water
to gently clean window and door frames.
• Non-abrasive soaps are the safest for
removing soil from both vinyl and
aluminum frames.
• Never use abrasive or caustic cleaners or
solvents as they may damage the finish
of your windows and doors.
• Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft
absorbent cloth.
• If your windows or doors
have weep holes, make
sure they are clear of
obstruction and draining
(see Window
Weeping /Drainage Systems)
Proper care of today’s window glass systems is easy, but
very important. Insulated glass systems, and those with
Low-E or other heat deterrent additives can be damaged
or lose their effectiveness through improper care.
• If possible, avoid washing windows in direct
• Use a mixture of mild dish soap and water to
gently clean the glass. Rinse thoroughly with
clean water and dry with a soft absorbent cloth
to avoid spotting.
• Never use abrasive or caustic cleaners as they
may damage the glass or the finish.
• Never use petroleum based solvents or chemicals
on the glass as they may damage the insulating
glass seal or component parts of the window.
• Never use a high pressure spray to wash the
windows as it may damage the insulating
glass seal.
• Never use sharp instruments or abrasive pads to
clean the glass.
• Never attach anything to the glass such as
masking tape as heat from the sun may bake
the adhesive into the glass.
• Remove the screens and wash them with a soft
brush on a flat surface with mild dish soap and
water. Rinse, wipe dry and re-install.

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