WJ JEEP 2” Front and 2” Rear Spacer Kit
Thank you for choosing Rough Country for all your suspension needs.
Rough Country recommends a certified technician install this system. In addition to these instructions, professional
knowledge of disassemble/reassembly procedures as well as post installation checks must be known. Attempts to install
this system without this knowledge and expertise may jeopardize the integrity and/or operating safety of the vehicle.
Please read instructions before beginning installation. Check the kit hardware against the kit content list. Be sure you
have all needed parts and know where they go. Also please review tools needed list and make sure you have the nec-
essary tools to install this kit.
As a general rule, the taller a vehicle is, the easier it will roll. Seat belts and shoulder harnesses should be worn at all
times. Avoid situations where a side rollover may occur.
Generally, braking performance and capability are decreased when larger/heavier tires and wheels are used. Take this
into consideration while driving. Do not add, alter, or fabricate any factory or after-market parts to increase vehicle height
over the intended height of the Rough Country product purchased. Mixing component brands is not recommended.
Due to differences in manufacturing, dimension and inflated measurements, tire and wheel combinations should be test
fit prior to installation. This suspension system was developed using a 30 X 9.50 tire with factory wheels. If bigger/wider
tire are used with the factory wheels or factory offset wheels you must carefully check the clearance during turning be-
tween the tires and the lower control arm and the front sway bar link before driving. Installing wider than recommended
tires can cause the tire to come in contact with the rear shock. Always double check for clearance on all tire / wheel
With the installation of all lift kits and larger tires it is important to check the condition of your steering stabilizer. If the
stabilizer is worn or is leaking it should be replaced. Steering stabilizers are designed to restrain “bump steer” and front-
end vibration, giving added life to tires, ball joints, and other steering components. A large bore off-road stabilizer kit is
highly recommended for vehicles equipped with larger tires, please contact your Rough Country distributor for details.
We hope installing your Rough Country lift kit is a positive experience. Please note that variations in construc-
tion and assembly in the vehicle manufacturing process will virtually ensure that some parts may seem difficult
to install. If you are uncertain about some aspect of the installation process, please feel free to call our tech
support department at 800-222-7023. We do not recommend that you modify the Rough Country parts in any
way as this will void any warranty expressed or implied.
Prior to beginning this installation it is always good to use a penetrating oil and spray all fasteners that will be
removed. Typically the cross member, control arm bolts and the pitman arm are difficult to remove without hav-
ing done this step.
Tools Needed:
13mm Socket / Wrench
15mm Socket / Wrench
18mm Socket / Wrench
Floor Jack
Jack Stands
Spring Compressor
Torque Specs:
Size Grade 5 Grade 8
7/16” 45 ft/lbs 60 ft/lbs
1/2” 65 ft/lbs 90 ft/lbs
9/16” 95 ft/lbs 130 ft/lbs
Class 8.8 Class 10.9
10MM 32ft/lbs 45ft/lbs
12MM 55ft/lbs 75ft/lbs
14MM 85ft/lbs 120ft/lbs

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