Philips Saeco Xelsis
Automatic espresso
Love your own favourite coffee speciality
Multi beverage, Multi user
With the Xelsis each and every family member can enjoy his or her favourite coffee
speciality. Thanks to the unique multi-user function up to 6 personal user profiles can be
created and for each profile up to 9 beverages can be personalised.
Multi-user and Multi-beverage
6 unique user profiles for 9 beverages
Integrated automatic milk function with Autoclean
Bean- to-cup customisation
SBS: patented adjustable espresso crema and body structure
Patented intelligent adjustable milk froth
Full bean-to-cup customisation
Easy to use
Dynamic multi-media user interface
Ergonomic in day to day operation
Easy to clean and maintain
Always a clean machine thanks to auto-clean and descaling
Frontal access to removable brewing group

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