PN 16364 REV K 9-28-11
INTRODUCTION: Portable restrooms and accessories kits must be assembled according to approved assembly
procedures. Avoid variations in assembly procedures could adversely affect product life and warranty.
**CAUTION: The Slimmate II Handwash as well as any portable handwash unit should be cleaned and sanitized on a
regular basis. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER.
TOOLS: *Elect/Cordless Drill *1/4 Drill Bit *5/16 Drill Bit *1-1/8 Hole Saw/Drill Bit *Pencil *Adjustable Wrench
1. If Installing in Global Toilet: Mounting hole needs to be moved and re-drilled. (See figure #1)
2. Bracket Mounting: Rivet metal bracket to back of pump plate using (2) Rivets and (2) washers. (See figure #2)
3. Set the Slimmate II in the Proper Location: (See figure #3) Slide metal bracket between the panel and base. Remove the
Basin and mark the panel through the top predrilled hole, remove Slimmate and drill with 1/4 drill bit.
(See figure #4)
Drain hose location: Drill 1-1/8” hole through the front right corner of the tank. Use dimple if tank has one.(See figure #5)
MX2 EW: Attach the king nipple to the threaded fitting on waste tank floor. Attach the drain hose to the king nipple with
a #12 hose clamp. Slide bracket between tank and panel wall.
5. Fastening Slimmate to Panel: Place Slimmate back in to the proper mounting location and fasten Slimmate to panel. (See
figure #6) NOTE: (It is very important that all hoses are in their appropriate relief channels.)
6. Place Slimmate drain hose into waste tank. Fasten Basin back onto the Slimmate.
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