Product Sheet

• Modular multi-channel receiver system for demanding musical and broadcast applications
• Large mainframe houses up to 8 true diversity receiver modules
• Small mainframe houses up to 3 true diversity receiver modules
• Several mainframes can be daisy-chained
• Indication of transmitter battery status (SK 50/250 and SKM 5000 only)
• “HiDyn plus” noise reduction system
• Mikroport computer display for remote controlling large systems
Technical Data
Channels per mainframe max. 8
Frequency range 450–960 MHz (UHF)
138–260 MHz (VHF)
Switching bandwidth 24 MHz (UHF band)
7 MHz (VHF band)
Setting of receiving frequencies tuneable in 5 kHz steps (4,800 frequencies)
Frequency response 40–20,000 Hz
THD typ. 0.5 %
Signal-to-noise ratio 117 dB(A)
Noise reduction system “HiDyn plus”
Headphone output 1/4" (6.3mm) jack socket
RF input 2 x N-type socket
AF output 8 x XLR-3 M, 1 x 25-pin sub-D
Housing 19", 4 U
Weight (fully equipped) approx. 55 lbs
EM 1046
Product Variants
UHF band, 760–960 MHz EM 1046 RX-UHF-H UHF
UHF band, 450–790 MHz EM 1046 RX-UHF-L
Mainframe for up to 8 receiver modules EM 1046 MF
EM 1046 RF Wireless Receiver Mainframe Housing
The EM 1046 MF is a large mainframe for housing up to 8 receiver modules. The mainframe
features two integral active 1-to-8 antenna splitters. The back panel houses the power supply
module, RF input module and AF output module. The Mikroport computer display can be
connected via an interface module. Additional antenna splitter modules are available for
multiple mainframe systems. 19” rack mount “ears” supplied.

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