Dante Firmware Update using the Audinate Firmware Update Manager

AN 1189 v1.0 - Dante™ Firmware Update | 1/1
Dante™ Firmware Update
Application Note
Updating the firmware of Dante compatible
Sennheiser products
The firmware update of the Dante™ interface of your Sennheiser product requires
Audinates Firmware Update Manager software:
The latest Dante™ firmware update for your Dante™ compatible Sennheiser product can
be found in the download section of the Sennheiser website at:
To update the Dante firmware:
Download and install Audinate‘s Firmware Update Manager on your computer.
Connect your Dante™ compatible Sennheiser product to your computer.
Download the latest Dante™ firmware for your Sennheiser product from the Sennheiser website
and save it on your computer.
Open the Firmware Update Manager.
Start the firmware update process.
The software will guide you through the process step by step.

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