Product Specification Control Cockpit 6.0.1

Sennheiser Control Cockpit
Control Software (Version 6.0.1)
Sennheiser Control Cockpit is the central software for easy
handling, control and maintenance of the entire Evolution
Wireless Digital, SpeechLine Digital Wireless, evolution
wireless G3/G4 and Digital 6000 portfolio as well as the
TeamConnect Ceiling 2. The easy-to-use Sennheiser Cont-
rol Cockpit provides a global overview of all network-enab-
led devices at all times. It shows all status information at a
glance and makes setting adjustments for one or multiple
devices at the same time very easy. The locations overview
connects the locations of all components to their repective
status information, so the user always knows the location
and status of a specific device.
The software is accessible everywhere in the intranet via
web browser across all platforms.
As a result, the software allows you to manage even huge
setups with hundreds of devices with very low efforts.
Global system statistics – overview of the system sta-
tus with key information at a glance
Easy device identification – naming, localization and
paging function for all devices
Status monitoring of all microphones within a network
(audio, wireless link quality, battery, network, settings)
Search and filter functions – fast identification and
detection of devices and settings
Device view for seamless management and overview of
many devices
Mixed multi selection of devices of different product
Location view for clear overview of big installations
Indication of which locations are currently in use
Monitoring view for high level overview and control
about all microphones in one location
SMS / Email Push Notification on events or system
Event log – Easy tracking of past notifications and alerts
Responsive Design – outstanding usability on any mo-
bile device running iOS, Android or Windows
Localized in multiple languages
Seamless software and firmware updates
Built-in interactive manual with search function for
detailed information
Global password protection and SSL encryption ensure
a secure access and data transfer
Notification profiles with notification and subscription
Out of range detection for SpeechLine Digital Wireless
transmitters with email and SMS notification
Advanced beam configuration for TeamConnect
Ceiling 2 with a 3D real-time visualization
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