Product Specification Control Cockpit 6.0.1

Sennheiser Control Cockpit
Control Software (Version 6.0.1)
SETUP Language selection via browser setting or language selector
Password settings for secured access to Sennheiser Control Cockpit
Adding device automatically (discovery via mDNS)
Adding device manually via IP address, IP range or listed in CSV file
Configure location settings such as location name
RF: Multi-Room-Mode Setup
RF: Adjust RF power settings
RF: Walk test mode to test & verify RF robustness
Audio: Choose sound profile or adjust custom EQ
Audio: Adjust output level and gain settings
Audio Mix: Adjust input level and sensitivity of audio channels
Audio: Minimize the risk of feedback from the loudspeakers with TCC2 TruVoicelift
Audio: Avoid amplification of background noise with Noise Gate
Zones: Configure Priority and Exclusion Zones with the beamforming technology
Audio: Automatic AEC Reference Input Gain: automatically adjusts Dante input gain
according to level and noise floor of far-end audio
Network: Configure IP mode and address
Network: Configure device discovery mode (mDNS)
Network: Configure DANTE network settings
Notification: Define recipients and way of communication (Email/SMS)
Notification: Subscription profiles to type of alerts or notifications, time range and loca-
tions of interest
Notification: Setup of messaging services for email and SMS distribution via provider
Device: LED configuration (color and brightness)
MONITORING Device: Access to all information on any devices via the web browser from any location
Battery management: Filtering and sorting battery status information such as remaining
battery life, time-to-full charge or battery health
Searching and filtering for fast access to devices or status information
Global dashboard statistics of RF devices and batteries in use, batteries being charged
Location based operation: Sortable and searchable location list with device overview
Location based operation: Operator's view for easy monitoring and control of relevant
key properties during events
Status information of live values such as audio, RF, battery, real-time location usage and
meta information such as name, location and serial information
Permanent monitoring of battery status indication while operation and charging
Easy identification of devices, locations and status information
Software based device list filtering on hardware identification
Display of on-screen and push notification or alerts in case of events
Email and/or SMS notification (configurable) in case of relevant events or alerts
Battery management: Indication of wireless charging process
Management and monitoring of SpeechLine Digital Wireless, evolution wireless G3 and
G4, Digital 6000 devices as well as TeamConnect Ceiling 2 simultaneously