Product Specification Control Cockpit 6.0.1

Sennheiser Control Cockpit
Control Software (Version 6.0.1)
MONITORING Messages overview as log of alerts, notifications and events with time stamp, device
and location flag
Search and sort function for messages
Monitoring of beam position with a 3D visualization mode (horizontal and vertical vector)
Customized display of values and status information in the Device List
Monitoring of the MobileConnect Manager online status
CONTROL Two-way device identification via button-press on device or remotely via software
Full remote access to all hardware settings via software
Single or multi device selection to change common properties
Location based Mute: Easy un/muting of transmitter groups within definded locations
Remote reset of audio settings
Remote reset to device factory defaults
Remote device restart trigger
Remote trigger of pairing process
Remote pairing between receivers and transmitters placed in network chargers
Remote shutdown of SL DW transmitters
Automatic shutdown of SL DW transmitters after a set time
Switch to enable or disable remote locking of the Power Button on SL DW portable
Switch to enable or disable remote locking of the Pairing Button on SL DW portable
Encryption of the communication between the transmitter and the receiver
Extension of the available frequency spectrum with Link Density mode
ASSISTANCE Easy to follow workflow assistance to quickly solve problems
Integrated and searchable online manual
Contextual advice and assistive information to easily identify and perform assistance
Remote trouble shooting (e.g. unmuting a muted mic) instead of walking to every room
for inspection
On-screen notification in case of events or updates providing contextual support recom-
Email and/or SMS notification in case of relevant (configurable) events or alerts
Being informed and notified to prepare before failure instead of fixing when battery runs low
Remote initiation of pairing process to prepare a spare microphone in case of empty batteries
Integrated demo mode for seamless try-out of software functionality
MAINTENANCE Instant notification in case of available updates
Seamless update procedures of software and (multiselected) device firmware
Batch update of multiple devices at once
Service relevant information such as battery health for continuous reliable operation