Product Specification Control Cockpit 6.0.1

Sennheiser Control Cockpit
Control Software (Version 6.0.1)
Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG · Am Labor 1 · 30900 Wedemark · Germany ·
A software shall enable the user to set up, control and monitor all components of wireless microphone systems like
Evolution Wireless Digital, SpeechLine Digital Wireless, evolution wireless G3 & G4, Digital 6000 as well as the Team-
Connect Ceiling 2 ceiling microphone array via a network, thus allowing to manage even large installations with hundreds
of devices.
The software shall be installed and running on a server with Windows 7 or higher. The user interface shall be browser-ba-
sed and shall be accessible across all platforms from any device (e.g. smartphone, tablet, and computer) in the intranet
using a web browser. The software shall have a responsive design so that the layout and sizing automatically adapts to
any smartphone, tablet or computer screen size. Password protection shall be available in order to protect the system
from unauthorized access.
The user interface shall provide a dashboard view that displays the number of available microphone links together with
link status information, the number of the devices in use together with battery status information.
The user interface shall feature a device list view, which displays all devices in the network in list form with key informa-
tion. For easy asset management, each row in the list shall provide detailed device information such as device type and
name, location, link activity, last online status, battery health, battery status, charging cycles, firmware version, product
family, serial number, and shall feature “Identify”, “Pairing” and “Delete” buttons for identifying the paired device within
the network, pairing new devices or deleting devices from the network. It shall also feature check boxes for selecting and
editing multiple devices of one or several product families at a time. The device list shall feature different filtering possibi-
lities including a live search with instant filtering.
The software shall allow the user to edit audio settings, system settings and network settings of one device or multiple
devices at a time. Audio settings shall include at minimum the following functions: Sound Profile selection or EQ setting,
Low Cut, audio level indication, XLR audio output level setting, audio beam configuration and Audio Reset. System set-
tings shall include but not be limited to: Firmware Info (with possibility of firmware update and firmware upload), Display
Brightness, Mute Switch, Auto Lock, RF Sync, RF Power, Out of Range Detection with email and SMS notification, Walk
Test, LED color and brightness configuration and Factory Reset. Network settings shall include at minimum the following:
IP Settings.
The user interface shall also feature a locations list view which provides an overview of locations and shows the locations
of all devices in the network, the number of devices per room as well as device type information. Via the locations list the
user interface shall feature a clearly structured monitoring view for each location, which allows the user to monitor the
most important status information of all devices in that location at a glance.
A message and notification system with user-definable notification profiles shall inform the user about relevant updates
or critical events, such as battery warnings or newly discovered devices, for designated locations and time ranges. Multi-
ple SMS and/or email recipients shall be configurable.
The software shall be the Sennheiser Control Cockpit.