Product specification

Digital 6000
EM 6000 | EM 6000 DANTE
True bit diversity receiver
Extremely efficient digital 2-channel receiver with an
intuitive, easily configurable user interface and integra-
ted antenna splitter
Reliable RF performance with equidistant frequency
grid and superior audio quality with Long Range mode
and proprietary audio codec (SeDAC) from the master-
piece Digital 9000
Future proof and usable worldwide due to large swit-
ching bandwidth, digital and analog interfaces and
AES-256 encryption
EM 6000 or EM 6000 DANTE receiver
3 mains cables (EU, UK and US plug)
2 antennas
2 BNC antenna cables (50 Ω) for daisy-chaining
quick guide
safety guide
booklet with specifications and manufacturer
No compromises, on any stage: With its large 244 MHz switching bandwidth, the EM 6000 2-channel digital receiver
can find reliable transmission paths in absolutely any environment. Its renowned LR mode (shared with the masterpiece
Digital 9000) ensures superior quality audio signals, even in the most demanding high frequency scenarios. Link Density
Mode (LD mode) with efficiency-optimized Audio Codec (SePAC) ensures up to 5 channels per MHz bandwidth. Error
correction and audio error masking recognize and fix problems long before they even become audible. This guarantees a
reliable connection where other systems fail.
Through its equidistant frequency grid, Digital 6000 assures the simplest frequency configuration and excellent spectral
efficiency. Thanks to the high intermodulation resistance, more channels can now be set up than ever before. Up to eight
receivers can be cascaded directly from only one pair of antennas.
Maximum overview, quick setup, shortcuts to important functions: The concept for the new user interface on con-
trast-rich, white OLED displays comes from practical experience. All vital parameters are summarized at a glance.
Important functions can be reached directly via home screens, without lengthy navigation paths. The auto-setup enables
scanning and frequency distribution to all connected devices directly via the receiver. Of course, the Digital 6000 can also
be monitored and configured via Wireless Systems Manager (WSM) software.
Digital 6000 seamlessly integrates with existing digital or analog infrastructures. The EM 6000 receiver has a digital AES
output with word clock in and outputs, high-quality, transformer balanced analog XLR and 6.3 mm TRS jack outputs as
well as a 6.3 mm headphone output. The Dante Version with an Audinate Brooklyn II card offers two additional Amphenol
RJ-45 connectors for integrating the receiver into a Dante network.
The EM 6000 is compatible with all Sennheiser UHF antennas.

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