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Data sheet 6GF3400-1BH20
Product type designation Connecting cable 24 V, open cable end (Push Pull) / M16
Product description Flexible supply cable (2 x 2-wire)
SIMATIC MV400 Power Cable for MV420/440, M16 push-pull, PVC,
1 mm2, Length 2 m M16 assembled, push-pull open pin assign. H+G
(only 24 V PS)
Suitability for use Plug-in cable for connecting a 24 V power supply to an MV400
Wire length 2m
Electrical data
Number of electrical connections 1
Loop resistance per length / maximum 32mΩ/m
Insulation resistance coefficient 100GΩ·m
Operating voltage / maximum 300V
Mechanical data
Design of the shield Braided shield made of tin-plated copper wires
Number of electrical cores 4
Type of electrical connection Cut off (Push Pull Power connector included) / M16 (female, 12-
pin, straight)
Outer diameter
● of cable sheath
Design of stranding element Four
Conductor class 5
6GF3400-1BH20 Subject to change without notice
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