Unlimited creativity. Captured by Sinar.
The most important modular accessories.
Sinar m – the fastest view camera shutter system
All functions and settings are controlled via the display of the Sinar m or by means of the captur-
ing software on a computer. Whether you happen to be working with a computer or directly at the
camera, with the Sinar m and the Sinaron Digital CAB lenses you have all the functions under con-
trol at all times. Today, this convenient and efficient way of working often is also highly valued for
reproduction work. With its shutter speeds of up to 1/2000 second, the Sinar m (successor model
of the legendary Sinarcam) features the fastest shutter speed of any view camera – for single- and
multishot images.
The importance of lenses
It is only with the use of the best digital lenses that the highest image qualities can be made visible.
The special technical factors of digital photography require lenses with the highest performance
capabilities in order to accommodate the theoretically achievable increase in quality effectively
(sensor size, pixel size, resolution, etc.). Sinaron Digital Lenses guarantee maximal sharpness, high
contrast and outstanding color fidelity and they feature a resolving power of 50 line pairs/millim-
eter and more across the entire image circle (depending on the focal length). Sinaron Digital Lenses
are absolute high-tech, and high-end products that are subjected to the stringent Sinar test series
during assembly.
The Sinar Sliding Adapter
The Sinar Sliding Adapter is equipped with a bright and contrast-rich focusing screen that makes it
easy to work with quick changes from focusing to exposure. A flexible magnifier can be attached to
the focusing screen for secure and accurate focusing and it produces a clear image on the focusing
screen, even when swings have been applied. The Sinar Sliding Adapter is also the interface when
digital backs of other makes are to be used on the Sinar p3, for which a selection of dedi
medium-format camera adapters is available: Sinar Hy6, Hasselblad V, Hasselblad H, Mamiya 645 AF,
and Contax 645 AF.
The Sinar LC Shutter
The Sinar LC Shutter (Liquid Crystal Shutter) is an exclusive Sinar product for use in combination with
Sinar digital backs for achieving the best possible live image quality. The live image via the LC shutter
is clearly superior to a live image controlled by software. It converts the computer monitor into a
large-format focusing screen.