NEVER operate this treadmill without reading and completely understanding the results of any
operational change you request from the computer.
Understand that changes in speed and incline do not occur immediately. Set your desired
speed on the computer console and release the adjustment key. The computer will obey the
command gradually.
NEVER use your treadmill during an electrical storm. Surges may occur in your household
power supply that could damage treadmill components. Unplug the treadmill power cord as a
Use caution while participating in other activities while walking on your treadmill; such as
watching television, reading, etc. These distractions may cause you to lose balance or stray from
walking in the center of the belt; which may result in serious injury.
NEVER mount or dismount the treadmill while the belt is moving. SOLE treadmills start with at a
very low speed and it is unnecessary to straddle the belt during start up. Simply standing on the
belt during slow acceleration is proper after you have learned to operate the unit.
Always hold on to a handrail or hand bar while making control changes (incline, speed, etc.).
Do not use excessive pressure on console control keys. They are precision set to function
properly with little finger pressure. Pushing harder is not going to make the unit go faster or
slower. If you feel the buttons are not functioning properly with normal pressure contact your
SOLE dealer.
A safety tether cord is provided with this unit. It is a simple magnetic design that should be used
at all times. It is for your safety should you fall or move too far back on the tread-belt.
Pulling this safety tether cord will stop tread-belt movement.
To Use:
1. Place the magnet into position on the oval portion of the console control head. Your treadmill
will not start and operate without this. Removing the magnet also secures the treadmill from
unauthorized use.
2. Fasten the plastic clip onto your clothing securely to assure good holding power. Note: The
magnet has strong enough power to minimize accidental, unexpected stopping. The clip should
be attached securely to make certain it does not come off. Be familiar with its function and
limitations. The treadmill will stop, depending on speed, with a one to two step coast anytime the
magnet is pulled off the console. Use the red Stop / Pause switch in normal operation.
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