How to shoot a great birthday video.

by Nigel Barker
Professional Photographer
This PDF is designed to fit in your
camera carrying case. Simply
print it out, then trim and fold
along the lines to create your very
own handy reference guide.
Step 1:
Cut out around outline
Step 2:
Fold top half back
Step 3:
Fold left side back
Capture Fun Angles. Use your
tiltable viewing screen to get
unique shots. Shoot through a
balloon, hide and take candid
shots, even lay the camera
on the floor to get footage of
dangling feet at the table.
Focus On Faces. Plan your
shots according to where the
action is going to take place.
Remember, expressions tell the
story, so focus on faces. Some
camcorders have face and
smile detection features.
Use Available Light. If it’s
really dark, try bouncing a light
off a wall so it won’t overpower
the scene. Many camcorders
have a low light sensor that
brings out as much of the
existing light as possible.
Capture Still Images During
Video. Many camcorders let
you take digital still images
while you are shooting video.
You no longer have to carry
around two cameras, so be
Be Prepared. Always have
charged batteries and an extra
memory card or blank media
ready to go.
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How to shoot a great
birthday video.

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