How to shoot a great wedding video.

by Nigel Barker
Professional Photographer
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Attend The Rehearsal. It’s a
great time to check out where
the power is located, figure out
lighting issues, find the best
spot to shoot from and consult
with the bride and groom
about last minute requests.
Shoot Lots Of Footage. Make
sure to establish the setting,
get detail shots of flowers,
special touches and zoom in
for candid moments of the
bride and groom getting ready.
The more you shoot, the easier
editing will be. So make sure
you have a camcorder with
plenty of memory.
Shoot Dramatic Low-Light
Scenes. From lighting the
candles to the first kiss, many
wedding scenes are dramatic,
low-light scenarios. If your
camcorder doesn’t feature a
low-light sensor, play around
with its settings so you get
crisp and clear footage.
Choose The Right Gear. A
versatile camcorder that can
shoot both the ceremony and
the reception in high definition
is also very important.
How to shoot a great
wedding video.
Be Prepared. Always have
charged batteries and an extra
memory card or blank media
ready to go.
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