How to take great vacation video.

by Nigel Barker
Professional Photographer
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Don’t Talk While You Are
Recording. Hearing instructions
or parts of a conversation
detracts from your video.
Remember, the mic is on
the camcorder which means
your voice will drown out
environment sounds.
Consider Dramatic Low-
Light Shots. Play with your
camcorder’s settings before
your trip so you’re not afraid
to shoot twilight and sunset
shots. Some camcorders feature
technologies that ensure crisp
images even in low light.
Create A Travelogue. Write
down the date, time of day and
where you’re shooting so you
can put together a storyline
later when editing your video.
Some camcorders feature
a built-in GPS receiver that
automatically tags your current
location and date while you’re
Be Prepared. Always have
charged batteries and extra
memory card or blank media
for your camcorder ready to go.
Keep Your Shot Steady.
Cup your hands around your
camcorder to compensate
for camera shake. Some
camcorders have a stabilizing
feature that keeps your
shots smooth.
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How to take great
vacation video.

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