Instructions / Assembly

When calling for parts or
service, please specify
the following number
Model#: 20-0012
Weight on this product should not exceed 300 lbs.
Owner's Manual
This Product is Distributed Exclusively by
2040 N. Alliance, Springeld, MO 65803
Customer Care
1 (800) 375-7520
Product May Vary Slightly From Pictured.
Exercise can present a
health risk. Consult a
physician before beginning
any exercise program with
this equipment. If you feel
faint or dizzy, immediately
discontinue use of this
equipment. Serious bodily
injury can occur if this
equipment is not assembled
and used correctly. Serious
bodily injury can also occur
if all instructions are not
followed. Keep others and
pets away from equipment
when in use. Always make
sure all bolts and nuts are
securely tightened prior to
each use. Follow all safety
instructions in this manual.
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