Product Warranty

The safety and integrity designed into the STAMINA│X Air Rower can only be maintained when the
STAMINA│X Air Rower is regularly examined for damage and wear. Special attention should be given
to the following:
1. Sit on the SEAT(54) and pull on the HANDLEBAR(27) to verify that the Fan System provides resistance
and the Seat travel is smooth and stable.
2. Clean the roller tracks on the RAIL(1) with an absorbent cloth.
3. Verify that the CAUTION LABEL(93) is in place and easy to read. Call Stamina Products immediately
at 1-800-375-7520 for a replacement CAUTION LABEL(93) if it is missing or damaged.
4. It is the sole responsibility of the user/owner to ensure that regular maintenance is performed.
5. Worn or damaged components shall be replaced immediately or the STAMINA│X Air Rower removed
from service until repair is made.
6. Only Stamina Products supplied components shall be used to maintain/repair the STAMINA│X Air
7. Keep your STAMINA│X Air Rower clean by wiping it off with an absorbent cloth after use.
Fan Assembly
1. To store the STAMINA│X Air Rower, simply keep it in a clean dry place.
2. To avoid damage to the electronics, remove the batteries before storing the STAMINA│X Air Rower
for one year or more.
3. Move the STAMINA│X Air Rower with the moving wheels on the Front Stand. Grasp the Rear Stand
to move the STAMINA│X Air Rower. Do not use the Seat to move the STAMINA│X Air Rower. The
Seat will move and the Seat Carriage may pinch your hand or ngers.
4. Follow the following process to fold the STAMINA│X Air Rower as illustrated for easy storage.
a. Remove the PULL PIN(43) from the RAIL(1). Remove the LOCKING KNOB(44) from the
b. Move the SEAT(54) close to the back end of the RAIL(1) and fold the Fan Assembly backward.
c. Secure the SUPPORT FRAME(4) in folded position by inserting the PULL PIN(43) into the
RAIL(1). Screw the LOCKING KNOB(44) into the SUPPORT FRAME(4) for storage.