Product Data Sheet / Brochure

Single-Module Conference Table Connectivity Box
Product ID: BEZ4MOD
Looking for connectivity right at your fingertips in a boardroom, huddle space, or
classroom? The conference-table connectivity box is a customizable solution that lets you design unique
connectivity applications.
Customize to Your Exact Needs
Combine any (sold separately) with the single-module architectural connectivity box, to
provide a solution that meets the exact needs of your space. Each module
is interchangeable and provides easy-to-use solutions for connecting laptops and other devices. module solutions can:
Add AC power and USB outlets for charging your devices (MOD4POWERNA)
Dock your laptop with boardroom peripherals, webcams, speakers, mics, and displays (MOD4DOCKACPD)
Connect in-room A/V equipment to laptops, Chromebook notebooks, and 2-in-1 laptops (MOD4AVHD,
Declutter your space with cable organizers (MOD4CABLEH)
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