User Manual

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6. Align the other Cable Management Plate with the Plate Screw Holes and
Bushing Holes on the top of the Cable Management Bracket. Insert 2
of the Plate Screws, through the Cable Management Plate and into the
Cable Management Bracket.
7. Using the Phillips Head Screwdriver tighten the 2 Plate Screws, securing
the Cable Management Plate in place. Be careful not to over tighten the
Plate Screws.
8. Carefully push the Cable Bushings into the designated Bushing Holes,
snapping them into place.
Installing the Cable Management Module
If you intend to use the Cable Management Module in your Modular Table
Box conī˜Ÿguration you will need to install it at the same time you are installing
the other Modules.
1. Determine the mounting depth of the Module inside the Modular Table
Box. Consider the cable bend radius and the amount of clearance needed
to properly close the Modular Table Box lid while cables are connected to
the Module.
2. Insert the Module into the Modular Table Box.
3. Align the Module with the Installation Holes on both sides on the
Modular Table Box.
4. Insert the Module Screws (x 4, 2 per side) through the Installation Holes
on the Modular Table Box and into the Mounting Holes on the Module.
5. Using a Phillips Head Screwdriver, tighten the Module Screws, be careful
not to overtighten.