User Manual

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Notes: is not responsible for any damages related to the
installation of this product.
Prior to installation, please test the product’s port compatibility with all
devices and displays intended for use with this product.
The thickness of the table surfaced used for installation should not exceed
2.25 inches.
Cutting the Table/Surface
Note: Check the underside of the table/surface you are installing the
Modular Table Box into to ensure that there are no obstructions that may
interfere with the installation.
1. Carefully cut along the dotted guideline on the Die Cut Outline, cutting o
the four edges of the Die Cut Outline, leaving the inner Surface Cut-Out
Area intact.
Note: The Die Cut Outline has been created with a built in margin of error
of 1/16” (1.5 mm) in either direction of the marked cut line, to compensate
for any deviation while cutting out the Surface Cut-Out Area.
2. Before cutting the surface of the table, measure and align the Surface Cut-
Out Area (created in step 1) into the desired position on the tables surface.
Tape the Surface Cut-Out Area in place using Painter’s Tape.