USB VGA Console Extender over CAT5 UTP (500 ft)
StarTech ID: SV565UTPUGB
The SV565UTPUGB USB VGA KVM Console Extender over CAT5 UTP (500 ft) lets you control a server, computer
or multiple computers (connected through KVM Switch) over a standard Cat5 or Cat6 UTP network cable
connection, at distances of up to 500 ft (150 m) away. PC connection cables are included with this product for a
ready out of the box solution.
You can use your existing keyboard, mouse, and monitor to access both the server room and your office computer,
saving space and avoiding the need for a dedicated remote console by allowing you to switch between workstation
view and KVM view at the remote location.
Backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.
Monitor computer-controlled equipment in a factory or warehouse
Use one or more servers in a server room from a remote location
Control remote machines and security monitoring systems
USB computers are supported at the host and remote locations (USB keyboard and mouse required for
remote console)
Cables Included for a ready out of the box setup
Can be used with a single computer or connected to an existing KVM switch
Easy installation using industry-standard UTP network cable
Intuitive hotkey commands
Supports most combo keyboard and mouse sets (including Wireless)
Supports auto-switching between host and remote users or dedicated control
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