Installation and
Due to the products steel construction and heavy weight, care should be taken to ensure certain details are met
prior to final installation of the registers and grilles. Meeting these requirements will ensure that the product will be
installed correctly and safely.
Prior to products installation, we highly recommend that flat black paint be applied to the interior of
the duct work where the register or grille will be installed. This will ensure that any unsightly items
will not show through the face of the product. Make sure your ventilation system and blower fan is
switched to the OFF position when performing this painting.
All registers and grille’s mounting screws must be installed. Counter sunk screw holes and color-
matched screws are provided in the correct quantity to support the weight of the product. No
mounting hardware is necessary for floor mounted registers or grilles.
When installing the color-matched screws with a power drill, make sure to use lower clutch settings
and use a #2 Phillips bit to avoid damage to the screw face. If for some reason the paint is chipped on
the screw head during installation, use of a similar-colored felt tip pen for touch up works well.
Framing members, or blocking, must be securely installed on all four sides of the sheet metal can”
and must be tied into adjacent main framing. All mounting screws must be firmly installed into the
wood framing to ensure that the register or grille is securely mounted.
If the framing detail above is not met, some type of drywall anchor such as an EZ Anchor must be
installed in the drywall prior to the mounting screws being installed. These anchors must be installed
properly according to manufactures instructions and be of sufficient size to support the weight of the
register or grille.
No exceptions to these installation practices should be considered. A failure to follow these details
can result in a register or grille falling from its location, resulting in property damage and/or serious
For general cleaning and maintenance of your products, we suggest a vacuum with a
to remove dust build up or, if needed, a soapy warm water cleaning. Please make sure to
avoid using any abrasive material or harsh chemicals to clean the face of the product, as this may
result in damage to the finish.
With proper installation and care, your SteelCrest Products will last for generations to come. Questions
concerns, please do not hesitate to contact
SteelCrest Corporation
Phoenix, Arizona

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