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Instructions for Installing a Panel on your PNR Model
PNR Models: SWC1840B/ADA, SWC182Z/ADA, SCR1841B/ADA
Your product is designed to accept custom overlay panels on the door frame.
Parts included in PNR kit:
(8) Screws to attach the custom panel
(1) Replacement top hinge
(1) Replacement bottom hinge
(2) Plastic bushing for panel
(2) Washers
Remove the door from the unit
1. Remove the door from its chassis by unscrewing the top and bottom hinges from the cabinet
and door. Save all of the screws for Step 10.
Attach the handle & panel
2. Attach your door handle to the panel using countersunk screws (not included). You can use the
handle that ships with this appliance or substitute your own.
3. Pull out the rubber gasket located around the inner door frame to access the eight screw holes
from the inside of the door.
4. Place your custom panel over the door pane.
5. Using the provided screws, attach the panel by holding it in place from the front and screwing it
onto the door pane from the inside of the door.
6. Reinstall the gasket to its original position.
Reattach the door
7. You will have to drill a hole into the top and bottom of the custom panel in order to connect it to
the new provided hinges. To do this, line the door up in its final position, using the new hinges
as a guide to mark where you will be drilling the holes. Drill a hole through the top and bottom
of the custom panel using a
drill bit.
8. Insert the provided bushing into the top and bottom holes of the panel.
9. For models with a lock, drill a
minimum keyhole in the door frame as illustrated above.
10. You can now reinstall the door using the replacement hinges.
Panel/Frame Dimensions:
Exterior: 27 ⅝”H x 17 ⅜”” W
Overlay panel thickness: ¾”thick
Lock diameter (select models): ⅝”
Note: the stainless steel door trim is 1 ¾” thick

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