Replacement Part List

Charging the Battery
1. Press the push lock buttons on the battery to pull it out of
the equipment (Fig. 1).
2. Depending on your Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
model, how to recharge your lithium-ion battery will
vary. You may either insert your 24-volt battery into the
24VCHRG-QC Quick Charger (sold separately) or the
24VCHRG-DPC Dual Port Charger (sold separately)
(Figs. 2 – 3).
3. The battery indicator LEDs will illuminate one by one
during the charging process. Unplug the charger
immediately when the 3 LEDs are all illuminated.
4. The 24VCHRG-QC Quick Charger (sold separately) and
the 24VCHRG-DPC Dual Port Charger (sold separately)
are also equipped with additional charging indicating
lights which will indicate the charging status (Figs. 2 – 3).
mCAUTION! FIRE HAZARD. When disconnecting the
charger from the battery, be sure to unplug the charger from
the outlet rst, then disconnect the charger from the battery.
mWARNING! This charger does not automatically
turn o when the battery is fully charged. Please take care
not to leave the battery plugged into the charger. Switch
o or unplug the charger at the mains when charging is
5. Timely recharging of the battery will help prolong the
battery's life. You must recharge the battery pack when
you notice a drop in the equipment's power.
IMPORTANT! Never allow the battery pack to become fully
discharged as this will cause irreversible damage to the
6. When charging is complete, remove the battery from the
charger by pulling the push lock buttons and sliding the
battery backward to unlock it from the charger.
Preparing To Work
Checking the Machine
mWARNING! Before performing any checks,
adjustments, repairs or maintenance on the machine, make
sure the battery is not inserted in the compartment.
Before starting work please:
Check that all the screws on the machine and the guide
bar are tightly fastened;
Battery pack
Fig. 1
Battery compartment
Fig. 2
Battery pack
quick charger
(Sold separately)
Fig. 3
Battery pack
dual port charger
(Sold separately)