Replacement Part List

Starting and Stopping
mCAUTION! Starting, stopping, and restarting an electric
motor repeatedly within a few seconds can generate a great
deal of heat and damage the motor. To protect the life of your
cordless chain saw, always wait at least ve seconds after
stopping before restarting the saw.
mWARNING! Be sure that the chain is not in contact with
any object when you start the motor.
mWARNING! Keep hands away from chain. Keep hands
on handles. Do not overreach.
A good, rm grip on the tool using both hands will help you
maintain control. Maintain a rm grip by place your right hand
on the rear handle and left hand on the front handle with
thumbs and ngers encircling the respective handles. A rm
grip combined with proper positioning of the handle against
your body will help you maintain control of the saw. Do not let
go of the saw while it is in operation.
mWARNING! Do not operate the cordless chain saw in
a tree, on a ladder, or on a scaold. Using the tool under such
circumstances is extremely dangerous.
mCAUTION! The chain will continue to run for several
seconds after turning o the tool.
Do not use the chain saw under wet conditions. Use extreme
caution when cutting small brush, saplings, or limbs under
tension because slender and tense material may catch the
saw and be whipped toward you, pull you o balance, or
spring back.
Do not use the chain saw to cut vines and/or small underbrush.
mWARNING! Do not let familiarity with this type of tool
prevent you from taking all necessary precautions. Remember
that a careless fraction of a second is sucient to inict
serious injury.
mWARNING! Do not cut trees near electrical wires.
mWARNING! Failure to lubricate the chain will cause
damage to the bar and chain. Use only a good quality bar
and chain oil designed specically for use with chain saws.
NOTE: It is normal for oil to seep from the saw when not in
use. To prevent seepage, empty the oil tank after each use.
When storing the unit for a long period of time (3 months or
longer), be sure the chain is lightly lubricated; this will prevent
rust on the chain and bar sprocket.
1. Prior to each cutting session, run through the daily
checklist (see pg. 19).
2. In the event of an accidental activation, the front hand
brake will engage in the ON position to stop the machine.
Reset the safety brake function by returning the front hand
brake to the OFF position (Fig. 7).
3. Insert the battery in the battery compartment. Push to
make sure it is locked in place (Fig. 8).
4. To turn the tool on, hold the chain saw rmly with both
hands on the handles. Slide the safety lock switch toward
you, then squeeze the trigger switch. When the chain saw
is running, you can release the safety lock switch (Fig. 9).
5. To turn the tool o, simply release the trigger switch.
NOTE: Do not squeeze the trigger switch until you are
ready to make a cut.
Front hand
Fig. 7
ON position
OFF position
Battery pack
Fig. 8
Battery compartment
Safety lock switch
Fig. 9
Trigger switch