Replacement Part List

mCAUTION! Blade coasts after being turned o. Do not
use under wet conditions. Do not store with switch locked on.
Adjusting the Telescoping Pole
1. Turn o the pole hedge trimmer and remove the battery.
2. Unclip the clamp to release the pole (Fig. 10).
3. Extend the pole to the desired length (Fig. 11).
NOTE: Push poles toward each other to shorten the pole
or pull them away from each other to lengthen the pole.
Only extend the pole to the minimum length required to
reach the hedges to be trimmed.
4. Lock the pole in position by closing the clamp (Fig. 12),
and ensure that the pole is secure. If the pole telescopes
when the clamp is closed, the nut may need tightening.
mWARNING! Extend the telescoping pole only to the
length required to reach the hedges being trimmed.
Adjust your hand placement on the telescoping pole of the
pole hedge trimmer in order to keep proper balance.
Do not attempt to use the pole hedge trimmer at a length
which does not allow you to achieve proper footing and
balance at all times!
mWARNING! Failure to lock the telescopic pole clamp as
directed could result in personal injury.
Adjusting Pivoting Head
The pole hedge trimmer head can be pivoted into 6 dierent
cutting angles.
1. Turn o the pole hedge trimmer and remove the battery.
2. Place the pole hedge trimmer on a sturdy at surface.
3. Press and hold the pivot button and adjust the trimmer
head to the desired angle. (Fig. 13).
4. Release the pivot button. If it does not return to its original
position, rotate the trimmer head slightly until you can feel
it lock into place (Fig. 13).
NOTE: Failure to properly secure the trimmer head may
result in personal injury and/or property damage.
mWARNING! The trimmer head can be adjusted in six
dierent positions. Always ensure the head is securely locked!
Do not attempt to use the pole hedge trimmer with the head in
any other position or unlocked!
mCAUTION! Do not place your hand between pivoting
head and locking base. Failure to heed this caution could result
in a pinch point injury.
Fig. 10
Telescoping pole
Fig. 11
Fig. 12
Fig. 13
Pivot button