Replacement Part List

1. This product can cause serious injuries. Read the
instructions carefully for the correct handling, preparation,
maintenance, starting and stopping of the product.
Become familiar with all controls and the proper use of the
2. Never allow children to use the pole hedge trimmer.
3. Beware of overhead power lines.
4. Never operate the product while people, especially
children, or pets are nearby.
5. Dress properly. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry,
which can be caught in moving parts. Use of sturdy
gloves, non-skid footwear and safety glasses is
6. Wear eye protection and stout shoes at all times while
operating the product.
7. If the cutting attachment strikes any foreign object or the
product starts making any unusual noise or vibration,
switch the product o, allow the product to stop, remove
the battery, and take the following steps:
– inspect for damage;
– check for, and tighten, any loose parts;
– have any damaged parts replaced or repaired with parts
having equivalent specications.
1. Use the product only in daylight or good articial light.
2. Keep hands and feet away from the cutting device at all
times and especially when switching on the motor.
3. Before using the product and after any impact, check for
signs of wear or damage and repair as necessary.
4. Always remove the battery
– whenever leaving the product unattended;
– adjusting the working position of the cutting device;
– before clearing a blockage;
– before checking, cleaning or working on the product;
– after striking a foreign object;
– whenever the product starts vibrating abnormally.
5. Ensure that the pole hedge trimmer is correctly located in
a designated working position before starting the motor.
6. While operating the pole hedge trimmer, always ensure
that the operating position is safe and secure, especially
when using steps or a ladder.
7. Do not operate the pole hedge trimmer with a damaged or
excessively worn cutting device.
8. Always ensure that all handles and guards are tted when
using the pole hedge trimmer. Never attempt to use an
incomplete pole hedge trimmer or one tted with an
unauthorized modication.
9. Always use two hands to operate a pole hedge trimmer.
10. Always be aware of your surroundings and stays alert for
possible hazards of which you may not be aware due to
the noise of the product.
11. Take care against injury to feet and hands from the cutting
12. Always ensure that the air vents are kept clear of debris.
13. Wear slip-resistant foot protection and protective clothing
when using this product.
14. Always keep proper footing and operate the product
only when standing on a xed, secure and level surface.
Change working positions regularly to avoid tiredness and
ensure a comfortable working position at all times.
15. Never use replacement parts or accessories not provided
or recommended by the manufacturer.
16. The use of this product may be restricted by regional or
local regulations.
Vibration + Noise Reduction
To reduce the impact of noise and vibration emission, limit the
time of operation, use low-vibration and low-noise operating
modes as well as wear personal protective equipment.
Take the following points into account to minimise the vibration
and noise exposure risks.
1. Only use the product as intended by its design and these
2. Ensure that the product is in good condition and well
3. Use correct attachments for the product and ensure they
are in good condition.
4. Keep tight grip on the handles/grip surface.
5. Maintain this product in accordance with these
instructions and keep it well lubricated (where
6. Plan your work schedule to spread any high vibration tool
use across a longer period of time.
Familiarize yourself with the use of this product by means of
this instruction manual. Memorize the safety directions and
follow them to the letter. This will help to prevent risks and
1. Always be alert when using this product, so that you can
recognize and handle risks early. Fast intervention can
prevent serious injury and damage to property.
2. Switch o and remove the battery if there are
malfunctions. Have the product checked by a qualied
professional and repaired, if necessary, before you
operate it again.
Residual Risks
Even if you are operating this product in accordance with all
the safety requirements, potential risks of injury and damage
remain. The following dangers can arise in connection with the
structure and design of this product: