Replacement Part List

5. Timely recharging of the battery will help prolong the
battery's life. You must recharge the battery pack when
you notice a drop in the equipment's power.
IMPORTANT! Never allow the battery pack to become fully
discharged as this will cause irreversible damage to the
6. When charging is complete, remove the battery from the
charger by pulling the push lock button and sliding the
battery backward to unlock it from the charger.
WARNING! Do not insert the battery until assembly is
complete. Failure to comply could result in accidental starting
and serious personal injury.
mWARNING! To prevent serious personal injury,
make sure the battery is removed, and the blades have come
to a complete stop before inspecting, cleaning, or servicing the
mWARNING! The product must be fully assembled
before operation. Do not use a product that is only partially
assembled or assembled with damaged parts.
Follow the assembly instructions step-by-step and use the
pictures provided as a visual guide to easily assemble the
Assembling + Fitting the Head
1. Remove the black cover on the tiller + cultivator head.
With the tiller + cultivator head lock unlocked, insert the
tiller + cultivator head into the end of the pole assembly
until it clicks in place (Fig. 4).
2. Flip up the tiller + cultivator head lock to lock the tiller +
cultivator head in place (Fig. 5).
mWARNING! Make sure nuts, screws and locks are
properly tightened before using the cordless tiller + cultivator.
3. To disassemble the tiller + cultivator head from the
pole assembly, unlock the tiller + cultivator head lock,
then press in the releasing tabs on each side, and at the
same time pull the tiller + cultivator head out from the
pole assembly (Fig. 6).
Intended Use
The 24V-TLR-CT cordless tiller + cultivator is designed for
small gardens and ower beds: this cordless tiller + cultivator
eectively loosens and turns over new soil. It may also be used
to mix coarse soil with fertilizer, peat, and compost.
This product may not be used to till extremely dry or wet soil.
The use of this product in rain or wet conditions is prohibited.
Fig. 4
Pole assembly
Tiller +
head lock
Tiller +
Fig. 5
Pole assembly
Tiller +
head lock
Tiller +
Fig. 6
Releasing tabs
Tiller +
head lock
Tiller +