Replacement Part List

mWARNING! Stop the motor if the product strikes a
foreign object. Switch the product o, remove the battery,
and let it cool completely. Inspect the product thoroughly for
damage and have any damage repaired before restarting.
Extensive vibration of the product during operation is an
indication of damage. Immediately stop the motor and
promptly inspect and repair the tool.
After Use
• Switch the product o, remove the battery, and let it cool
Check, clean, and store the product as described in
Care + Maintenance.
Care + Maintenance
The Golden Rules for Care
mWARNING! Always switch the product o, remove the
battery, and let the product cool completely before inspecting,
cleaning, or performing any other maintenance task.
• Keep the product clean. Remove any debris after each use
and before storage.
• Regular and proper cleaning will help ensure safe use and
prolong the life of the product.
• Inspect the product before each use for worn and damaged
parts. If you nd broken and/or worn parts, do not use the
mWARNING! Only perform the repairs and maintenance
work described in this manual. Any other work must be
performed by a qualied technician.
General Cleaning
• Clean the product with a dry cloth. Use a brush for areas
that are hard to reach.
• Be sure to clean the air vents after every use with a cloth
and brush.
• Remove stubborn dirt with high pressure air (max. 3 bar).
NOTE: Do not use chemical, alkaline, abrasive, or other
aggressive detergents or disinfectants to clean this product as
such substances might damage the tool's surfaces.
• Check for worn or damaged parts. Replace worn parts as
necessary or contact the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
service center at 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563)
for repair before using the product again.
Cleaning the Underbody + Working Tool
mWARNING! Wear safety gloves when working on or
near the working tool. Use appropriate tools (e.g a wooden
stick) when necessary; never use your bare hands!
• Keep the underbody and blades clean and free of debris.
Use a brush or another implement to remove soil from the
working tool.
All nuts and bolts must be checked periodically for
tightness before operation. After prolonged use, especially
in sandy soil conditions, the working tool will become worn
and lose some of its original shape. Tilling eciency will be
reduced and the working tool should be replaced.
• Have worn or damaged working parts replaced with new
ones of the same type by a qualied technician.
• To prolong the life span of the working tool and the product,
lubricate the blades after each use.
mWARNING! Unexpected blade movement may cause
personal injury. Before servicing, repairing, or inspecting the
unit, turn the motor OFF and remove the battery. Wait for
the blades to completely stop rotating before conducting
inspection, cleaning, or maintenance.
Before and after each use, check the product and accessories
(or attachments) for wear and damage. When necessary,
only use identical replacement parts that are approved by the
Wear protective gloves when cleaning or maintaining the
Do not use cleaning uids or solvents or spray the
machine down with water (especially water under
pressure) when cleaning the machine.
NOTE: After each use, follow these steps to properly clean
the unit:
1. Remove soil, dirt, and foliage stuck in the blades,
drive shaft, tool surface, and vents with a brush or dry
2. Spray or rub biodegradable oil onto the blades.
3. Clean soiled grips with a damp cloth.
Always inspect the machine for damaged and worn parts after
each use. Check that safety features (i.e. labels, guards, etc.)
are in place. Check that nuts, bolts, and screws are tight.
Replace the Tilling Blades
The machine is tted with two 10 tine steel tilling blades that
can easily be changed. Only use the original replacement part
specied for this tiller + cultivator.
You can purchase replacement blades (Model 24V-TLR-BLD)
and other genuine replacement parts by visiting us online at or calling our toll-free customer service helpline
at 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563). The use of parts
that do not meet the original equipment specications may
lead to improper performance of the tiller + cultivator, may
compromise operator safety and will void the manufacturer's
mWARNING! The tilling blades are sharp and can
cause severe personal injury if handled incorrectly. Wrap the
blades or wear protective gloves, and use extra caution when