User Manual

mWARNING! Remove stones, loose pieces of wood, and
other objects from the cutting area. The string continues to
rotate for a few seconds after switching o the trimmer. Let the
motor come to a complete stop before resuming operation. Do
not rapidly switch the trimmer o and on.
mCAUTION! Always wear eye protection.
1. Hold the trimmer at an angle of approximately 10 – 30
degrees to the work area (Fig. 33).
2. Slowly swing the trimmer from side to side (Fig. 34).
3. Do not overload your trimmer; instead, take small “bites”
of grass, working from the top to the bottom. This will
keep the machine operating at high speed and will greatly
improve its cutting eciency (Fig. 35).
1. To convert for maintenance edging, turn OFF and unplug
the tool.
2. To use the edger guide/ ower guard, ip it down from its
stored position (Fig. 36).
3. Push the angle adjusting button and at the same time
use the other hand to turn the rear handle 180 degrees
counter-clockwise and release (Fig. 37). The tool is locked
in edger mode.
4. Rotate the whole unit 180 degrees. The tool is now ready
to be used in edger mode (Fig. 38).
Fig. 33
10º – 30º
Fig. 34
Fig. 35
Fig. 36
Flower guard
Fig. 37
Fig. 38