User Manual

Problems Possible Cause Possible Solution
The motor does not
run or the tool runs
Power failure/unit not plugged
into a working receptacle.
Spool housing cannot rotate freely.
Cutting line does not protrude.
Check to make sure the unit is plugged into a working
outlet. Make sure the extension cord is not damaged.
Remove the spool and clean the slots; carefully remove
any grass and weeds or other debris.
Cut the spool line o so that it just reaches the line
trimming blade.
Take the trimmer to an authorized service center if the
trimmer does not start after completing these checks.
Stop the machine and clean the trimming blade.
Install a new spool of cutting line.
Clean the auto feed.
Remove the spool cover and pull the cutting line until it
reaches the trimming blade.
Trimming blade bound with
accumulated grass.
Auto feed out of line.
Spool bound up.
Auto feed is dirty.
Spool line twisted when relled.
Not enough line is exposed.
Auto line feed does
not work.
Contact your authorized Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
or call Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
customer service center at
1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563).
Rewind or trim line to line cutter.
Line cutter in guard is covered,
damaged, or missing.
Line extends past guard.
Line fails to cut o.
mWARNING! Pay attention to the winding direction.
NOTE: Always replace the spool with a new pre-wound spool.
Visit to purchase the pre-wound spool (model
GTS4000E-RS-6PK) for this electric grass trimmer.
IMPORTANT: Keep all areas of the cutting head and cutting
head cover clean. Place the cap back by pushing it rmly
onto the cutting head. To ensure that the cutting head cover
is correctly tted, try to remove it without depressing the two
latches. If it is correctly tted, it should not move.
Follow these recommendations for storing the trimmer.
Clean the grass trimmer thoroughly before storing.
Store the grass trimmer in a stable and safe position out of
the reach of children. Keep the trimmer in a dry place where
the temperature is not too hot or too cold.
When storing the grass trimmer, do not rest it against the
oor. Hang it by the upper handgrip so that the guard does
not touch anything. If the guard rests against a surface, its
shape and dimensions could be permanently altered, and
could render the machine unsafe to use.