User Manual

Height Adjustment
The telescoping pole can be extended or shortened for ease
of use.
1. Disconnect the garden tiller from the power supply.
2. Unlock the telescoping pole by turning the telescoping
locking coupler clockwise until loose (Fig. 56).
3. Extend the telescoping pole to a comfortable height
(Fig. 57).
4. Lock the telescoping pole in position by turning the
telescoping locking coupler counter-clockwise until tight.
NOTE: Before using this garden tiller, make sure that the
power source you will use complies with the specications
detailed in this manual.
This machine is intended for breaking up and cultivating
coarse soil for the purpose of mixing in fertilizer, peat
and compost in domestic areas. Any use other than that
specically named in this manual may lead to damage to the
tool and/or present a serious hazard to the operator.
The operator or user of the tool is responsible for any damage
or injury caused to other persons or property. Only adults
should operate the tiller. Children and persons unfamiliar with
the manual must not be allowed to use the tool. Do not use
the tool in rain or damp surroundings. The manufacturer shall
not be held liable for damage arising from improper use or
incorrect operation of the tiller.
Keep hands away from blades.
Disconnect the power cord and wait for blades to come to
a complete stop before making any adjustments, cleaning
or removing debris from blades. NEVER try to remove an
obstruction from the blades while the tiller is plugged in.
Be sure all adjustments knobs, screws or levers are tight
and secure before use.
Be aware of extension cord while operating the tiller. Be
careful not to trip over cord. Keep cord away from blades
at all times.
Connecting to Power Supply
1. Only connect the electric tiller to a working 120 V outlet
using a heavy-duty outdoor extension power cord.
2. Make a loop in the extension cord and push it up through
the hole in the handle and around the cord restraint hook,
then connect the extension cord to the appliance cord
(Fig. 58).
Fig. 56
Fig. 57
Fig. 58
Appliance cord
Cord restraint hook
Extension cord