User Manual

IMPORTANT: The blades must be set in the correct turning
direction. Note the position of the original blades, and replace
them in the exact same direction.
5. Only use blades that are produced by the manufacturer.
Cleaning, Maintenance +
mWARNING! Unexpected blade movement may cause
personal injury. Before servicing, repairing or inspecting
the unit, turn the motor OFF and disconnect the extension
cord. Wait for the blades to completely stop rotating before
conducting inspection, cleaning or maintenance.
mWARNING! Contact with hot components (i.e. motor
housing or gear box) on the machine may cause burns. Allow
the machine to cool o before handling.
Wear protective gloves when cleaning or maintaining the
Do not use cleaning uids or solvents or spray the
machine down with water (especially pressurized water)
when cleaning the machine.
NOTE: After each use, follow these steps when cleaning the
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