User Manual

4. Press down the quick-release button. Ensure the release
button snaps rmly into position to lock the handle
securely (Fig. 5).
5. To convert back to the hedge trimmer, disconnect rear
handle and cutting head from ends of telescoping pole
by lifting the quick-release buttons A and B and pulling
straight out. Then re-insert the rear handle directly into the
hedge trimmer cutting head (Fig. 6).
Attaching the Shoulder Strap
mWARNING! Always attach the shoulder strap from
the unit before starting motor. Use the shoulder strap to help
support the trimmer while in use; do not carry the pole hedge
trimmer with only your hands.
1. Wear the shoulder strap over the left shoulder so that the
hook stays at your right hand side.
2. Fasten the shoulder strap to the buckle on the pole
(Fig. 7).
3. Adjust the length of the strap to attain a comfortable
working position.
mWARNING! The buckle is provided with a means of
quick release which can be accomplished by simply squeezing
the sides of the buckle (Fig. 8).
Connecting to Power Supply
1. Make a loop in the extension cord and push it up through
the hole in the rear handle and around the cord restraint
hook, then connect the extension cord to the appliance
cord (Fig. 9).
Starting the Pole/Hedge Trimmer
Before operating the pole/hedge trimmer, stand in the
operating position and hold the tool with both hands so that
the cutting blades are always away from your body.
mWARNING! Before you start the tool, make sure the
pole/hedge trimmer is not contacting any object.
mWARNING! You are wearing all of the necessary
personal protective equipment, including protective gloves,
non-slip footwear, safety goggles, ear defenders, and close-
tting clothing.
Fig. 5
Telescoping pole
Hedge trimmer cutting
head with pole
Fig. 6
button (A)
button (B)
Fig. 7
Shoulder strap
Fig. 8
Quick release
Fig. 9
Rear handle
Cord restraint hook
Extension cord