Replacement Part List

NOTE: Make certain of the direction of the chain .
If the chain is mounted backwards, the saw will vibrate
abnormally and will not cut.
7. Hold the chain in position on the bar and place the loop
around the sprocket. Fit the bar ush against the mounting
surface so that the bar studs are in the long slot of the bar
and the adjusting pin is in the chain tension pin hole
(Fig. 10).
8. Replace the chain/sprocket end cover by positioning the
cover onto the saw head. Tighten the end cover knob,
but leave the bar free to move for tension adjustment. Put
back the hex bolt by screwing it clockwise with the hex
key wrench.
9. Remove all slack from the chain by turning the chain
tensioner ring clockwise until the chain seats snugly
against the bar with the drive links in the bar groove
(Fig. 11).
NOTE: The chain is correctly tensioned when there is no
sag on the underside of the guide bar; the chain is snug,
but can be rotated by hand without binding. For more
information on chain tensioning, see the Maintenance +
Care section beginning on pg. 17.
Connecting to the Telescoping Pole
1. Open the assembly lock on the telescoping pole, and
push the chain saw head into the opening on the end of
the pole (Fig. 12).
2. When the lock tabs snap in, lock back the assembly lock,
the pole chain saw will be ready to use (Fig. 13).
Fig. 8
Fig. 9
Fig. 10
Adjusting pin
Chain tension
pin hole
Fig. 11
end cover
Chain tensioner
Fig. 12
Telescoping pole
Assembly lock
Chain saw head
Fig. 13
Lock tab
Assembly lock