Replacement Part List

17. Avoid dangerous environments – Do not use the hedge
trimmer in rain or in damp or wet locations. Do not operate
the hedge trimmer in gaseous or explosive atmospheres
or use the hedge trimmer near ammable or combustible
liquids. Motors in these tools normally spark, and the
sparks might ignite fumes.
18. Stay alert – Watch what you are doing. Use common
sense. Do not operate the hedge trimmer when you are
tired or under the inuence of drugs, alcohol, or other
19. Check for damaged parts – Before further use of the
appliance, a guard or other part that is damaged should
be carefully checked to determine that it will operate
properly and perform its intended function. Check for
alignment of moving parts, binding of moving parts,
breakage of parts, mounting, and any other condition
that may aect its operation. A guard or other part that
is damaged should be properly repaired or replaced.
Contact the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
customer service
center at 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563) for
Additional Safety Rules for Hedge
1. Remove any adjusting key or wrench before turning
the power tool on. A wrench or key left attached to the
rotating part of the power tool may result in personal
2. If devices or facilities are available for the extraction and
collection of dust, ensure these are connected or properly
used. Use of these devices can reduce dust related
3. Remove any blade that has been damaged. Always make
sure that the blade is installed correctly and securely
fastened before each use. Failure to do so can cause
serious injury.
4. Never cut any material over 0.63 in. (16 mm) in diameter.
5. Maintain a rm grip on both handles while cutting with the
blade. Keep the blade away from body.
6. Do not use the hedge trimmer without the front handle in
place. Keep both hands on the handles when the unit is in
7. Do not use the safety guard or clipping deector as a
gripping surface.
8. Service on the product must be performed by qualied
repair personnel only. Service or maintenance performed
by unqualied personnel could result in injury to the user
or damage to the product.
9. If the power supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced
only by the manufacturer or by an authorized service
center to avoid risk.
10. Keep all parts of the body away from the cutting blade. Do
not remove cut material or hold material to be cut when
blades are moving. Make sure the switch is o when clearing
jammed material. A moment of inattention while operating
the hedge trimmer may result in serious personal injury.
11. Carry the hedge trimmer by the handle with the cutting
blade stopped. When transporting or storing the hedge
trimmer always keep the blade covered. Proper handling
of the hedge trimmer will reduce possible personal injury
from the cutter blades.
12. Do not use the hedge trimmer if the switch does not turn it
on and o. Any power tool that cannot be controlled with
the switch is dangerous and must be repaired.
13. Use the hedge trimmer and accessories in accordance
with these instructions, taking into account the working
conditions the work to be performed. Use of the power
tool for operations dierent from intended use could lead
to a hazardous situation.
Electric Safety
1. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection should
be provided on the circuit(s) or outlet(s) to be used for
this electric hedge trimmer. Receptacles are available
having built-in GFCI protection and may be used for this
measure of safety.
2. To prevent electric shock, use only with an extension cord
suitable for outdoor use, such as SW-A, SOW-A, STW-A,
Before use, check that the extension cord is in good
condition. When using an extension cord, make sure to
use one heavy enough to carry the current product. For
lengths more than 50 ft (15 m), a No.16 AWG (or greater)
extension cord should be used. An undersized cord will
cause a drop in line voltage resulting in loss of power and
Electric shock may cause SEVERE INJURY or
DEATH. Heed these warnings:
• Do not allow any part of the hedge trimmer to make
contact with water while it is in operation. If the
appliance becomes wet while turned o, wipe dry
before starting.
• Use only a UL-, CSA- or ETL-rated extension cord
for outdoor, all-weather use, such as the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
Power Joe SJTW-A 14-gauge 50-foot
extension cord with lighted end (Model PJEXT50-B).
Visit to purchase this extension cord
online or, to order by phone, call 1-866-SNOWJOE
• Do not use an extension cord over 100 ft (30 m).
• Do not touch the appliance or its plug with wet hands
or while standing in water. Wearing rubber boots
oers some protection.
Cord Length:
Min. Wire Gauge (A.W.G.):
50 ft (15 m)
100 ft (30 m)