Replacement Part List

2. Gently remove the blade by lifting the end tip of the blade
o of the grass shear + hedge trimmer unit (Fig. 4).
3. Insert the desired blade into the base of the motor housing
(Fig. 5).
NOTE: You may need to manually move the blade or gear
shaft in order to align the gear shaft with the gear in the center
of the unit.
4. Align the gear shaft in the middle of the blade with the
gear in the middle of the unit. Align four lugs so that the
blade lays at against the housing for a secure t (Fig. 6).
5. Once the blade is in position, replace the blade cover by
aligning the cover with the slots on the base of the motor
housing and push forward on the blade cover until it slides
and clicks into place (Fig. 7).
NOTE: If you have any questions, please call the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
customer service department at 1-866-SNOWJOE
(1-866-766-9563) for assistance.
Telescoping Pole Assembly (Optional)
1. Unlock the telescoping lock by ipping it up (open), and
insert the lower pole into the upper pole. Make sure the
groove in the end of the lower pole is facing the opposite
direction of the telescoping lock. Keep the power cord
inside of the pole tubes (Figs. 8 – 9).
Fig. 4
Fig. 5
Fig. 6
Gear shaft
Fig. 7
Fig. 8
Lower pole
Upper pole
Telescoping lock
Lower pole
Fig. 9
Power cord
Upper pole
Telescoping lock