Replacement Part List

2. When the pole reaches the desired length, latch the
telescoping lock by pushing it back down (Fig. 10).
Attaching the Telescoping Pole
mWARNING! Make sure the power ON/OFF switches
in both the unit and the telescoping pole are in OFF position
before attaching the telescoping pole.
1. Turn the telescoping pole upside down. Press the end of
the cutting head lock; the front part of the lock will go up
(Fig. 11).
2. While pressing the cutting head lock, align the grass shear
+ hedge trimmer with the pole head, and insert the grass
shear + hedge trimmer into the opening of the pole head.
Release the cutting head lock when the grass shear +
hedge trimmer ts into place (Fig. 12).
3. Insert the connecting cord into the telescoping pole
socket on the handle of the grass shear + hedge trimmer
(Fig. 13).
Fig. 10
Telescoping lock
Fig. 11
Cutting head lock
Fig. 12
Pole head
Grass shear + hedge
Fig. 13
Telescoping pole