Replacement Part List

2. Lift the ejector ap with one hand.
3. With the other hand, hold the grass bag by the handle and
hook it in from above (Fig. 7).
Battery Pack Operation
The mower is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. The battery
pack is completely closed and maintenance free.
Battery Charge Level Indicator
The battery pack is equipped with a push button for checking
the charge level. Simply press the push button to read o the
battery charge level from the LEDs of the battery indicator:
All 3 level monitoring LEDs are lit: Battery charge level
is high.
2 level monitoring LEDs are lit: Battery charge level is
decreasing. Stop work as soon as possible.
1 level monitoring LED is lit: Battery is at. Stop work
IMMEDIATELY and charge the battery. Otherwise the
battery’s service life will be greatly shortened.
NOTE: If the charge level button does not appear to be
working, place the battery pack on the charger and charge as
Immediately after using the battery pack, the charge level
button may display a lower charge than it will if checked a few
minutes later. The battery cells “recover” some of their charge
after resting.
Charger Operation
mWARNING! Charge only EcoSharp
iBAT40 lithium-ion
battery packs in compatible EcoSharp
iCHRG40 lithium-ion
battery chargers. Other types of batteries may cause personal
injury and damage.
To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not allow water to ow
into the charger's AC/DC plug.
When to Charge the EcoSharp
Lithium-iON Battery
NOTE: The EcoSharp
iBAT40 lithium-ion battery packs do
not develop a "memory" when charged after only a partial
discharge. Therefore, it is not necessary to run down the
battery pack before placing it into the charger.
• Use the battery charge indicator lights to determine when to
charge your EcoSharp
iBAT40 lithium-ion battery pack.
• You can "top-o" your battery pack's charge before starting
a big job or after a long day of use.
Installing + Charging the Battery
1. Open the battery cover on the lawn mower by depressing
the locking button found on the outside of the battery
compartment (Fig. 8).
Fig. 6
plastic strap
Support rod
Fig. 7
Grass bag
Charge level button
The battery is at 30% capacity
and requires charging
The battery is at 60% capacity
and requires charging soon
The battery is at full capacity
Light IndicatorsLights